Art, México
Photography by Orlando Vega

A special thank you to MUBI

A MATERIA Studio Production

As part of the events organized during this Art Week Mexico 2023 at MATERIA and MUBI, created a sensual, mystical, and enveloping atmosphere for the launch party of the short film EIN SOF by the Colombian-Israeli visual artist and art director, Orly Anan that took place this past February 9 at MATERIA Studio.

Constantly exploring her work, Orly Anan seeks to delve into the mysticism that everyday life entails as she experiments with the intersection of ritual, popular culture, and anthropocosmic surrealism. And now, EIN SOF results in an audiovisual investigation that tries to open us up to the understanding of an altered reality by mixing ancient cultures with other imaginary ones that manage to portray characters with superpower messages and unique and exuberant talents, turning the EIN SOF universe into a channel through which unlimited possibilities can happen.

Under this premise and to transfer the universe from Orly to MATERIA, we transform our space and create an atmosphere capable of capturing the fantasy presented in EIN SOF with the help of the local design house AZOTEA, which created a jewel box room with custom pink velvet seating. Among the artists who joined us for the night and who were also captivated by the performance of a seductive dancer who accompanied the screening of EIN SOF was New York-based designer Kouros Maghsoudi, the Colombian-Canadian musician Lido Pimienta and Franco-Mexican musician and director Adán Jodorowsky who expressed his excitement at being a part of Orly’s first feature film debut.

The night was surrounded by Latin and Israeli beats that made our guests dance while enjoying cocktails sponsored by Roku Gin and Tequila Tres Generaciones, along with a colorful artistic bar with candied flowers, currant candies, and sweets that delighted all their senses. 

Launching her first short film during Art Week 2023 on MATERIA, Anan invites viewers to enter an enchanting world of dreams that will leave them mesmerized with her exploration into the depths of imagination and longing. EIN SOF will also be available internationally on MUBI, starting February 9.

Enjoy some MATERIA x MUBI moments and watch the premiere of EIN SOF by signing up here for 30 days free on MUBI.

A special thank you to our partners Roku Gin and Tres Generaciones.