Art, United States
Photography courtesy of the artist Philip Kupferschmidt.

Ceramic artist Philip Kupferschmidt has been hunkered down at the wheel since he discovered ceramics almost 8 years ago. What began as academic necessity to supplement his BFA in Creative Photography, is now a burgeoning handmade craft steeped in experimentation, repetition and exploration of infinite eccentric colorways to which he says he’s just getting started. 

From his studio in Orange County, California, Philip shared that the defining moment of his ceramics journey was seeing the potential in a glaze that preserved the intense colors and textures he sought, making endless iterations and perfecting the glazing technique through experimentation. Because no two pieces are identical, no surface alike, his art is in the approach of creation—communicating degrees of confidence, playfulness and satisfaction.

Philip’s pieces can be found at Casa Ahorita in CDMX.