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Photos by Madeleine Dalla, Andrew Tess & Valine Brana
The Bundle Collection launched at NYC x Design on the Spring Place Rooftop
Written by Fernanda Villareal


The self-taught multidisciplinary artist and designer, presented his second collection, Bundle, during NY x Design 2023. Drawing inspiration from his Persian culture and his upbringing in the Frank Lloyd Wright suburbs of Chicago, his designs incorporate playful postmodern motifs.

Kouros’ designs evoke a world of fantasy that celebrates unapologetic liberation and self-indulgence. The high level of glamour and spontaneity found in New York nightlife inspired the Bundle collection, which includes the Dose Table – a unique piece with a fuzzy interior cavity that serves as a safe haven to fit all the vices. 

“People are scared of designing for vices, I want to fill that gap.” 

The Hug Tray is a multipurpose ceramic piece with a unique electroplated finish that ultimately invites you to use it as a party tray.

Silver Hug Tray

“Hedonism, especially in the US, is an
active rebellion towards the insane
over-work culture.” 

– Kouros Magshoudi

 “All of my pieces encourage you to behave a certain way.” 

To add warm contrast to the rigid materials in these pieces, Maghsoudi collaborated with New York-based Erica Shamrock Textiles to hand-select upholsteries and fabrics.

Within the context of this collection, the term “bundle” means to cozy up and once again, the designer is pushing the boundaries of furniture design and inviting the user to enter a world of pleasure and hedonism.

“Hedonism, especially in the US, is an active rebellion towards the insane over-work culture.” 

Neo-Lounge Chair
Dose Table